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Episode 48: Michael J. Fox, M.D. – Back to the Suture

Corn Log, Stardate 2.1.16. Another episode of the Portable Power Podcast appears. Marc starts with a review of I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. Does he find the gameplay as torturous as the subject matter? Emrys discovers sometimes the treatment is worse than the affliction in Amateur Surgeon 3 for Android. Finally, Marc travels through time via worm hole (or corn hole?) to review Metroid Zero Mission, a port for the Wii U of the Gameboy Advance game that was itself an updated port of the NES classic Metroid. Is all of the updating and porting enough to rend a hole in the fabric of space and time? The answer (and a lot of gross burping noises) await you.


Episode 47: A New Outlook

Ask someone to hold your hair and gently rub your back as you listen to the first 2016 episode of the Portable Power Podcast. Your beloved hosts return with some mild format changes to make your podcast listening experience a more positive one as a whole. Emrys reviews Pokemon Picross, a freemium game for the Nintendo 3DS. Is it a worthwhile freemium game, or is it only for squares? Marc reviews Xenoblade Chronicles X. But wait, isn’t Xenoblade Chronicles X a Wii U game? Y would Portable Power Review that? Listen and you’ll Z. We wrap up the episode with Our Portable Past. Kevin reviews a more recent game: Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, although Shantae’s booty is more enchanting than it is a curse.


Episode 46: O’Doul! The Party Animal Returns

After recollections of Christmas gaming past, the reviews get underway. Marc tricks out his (3DS) home (menu) with (digital) bling in Nintendo Badge Arcade. Emrys hopes to avoid paying alimony to his 10 Billion Wives on Android. Kevin tries to force his way solo through levels in Triforce Heroes on 3DS. We finish the episode with Marc adopting the lifestyle of a kittenapper in Neko Atsume: Kitten Collector for iOS.

PPP42 artwork

Episode 42: R.I.P. Satoru Iwata

The sad news of Satoru Iwata’s passing has made its rounds, and the hosts of Portable Power wanted to voice their own thanks. Joining them is Claire Lara, Twitch streamer and Nintendo fan. Listen as the hosts reminisce about his games and legacy.

Thank you, Iwata.

Find Claire at:

Claire’s Twitch page

Claire’s YouTube channel

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Episode 41: E3 2015 and the Mario-nettes

In the spirit of Nintendo’s E3 2015 digital event, your hosts get felt up and then fisted with no strings attached. Joining them is Christopher Arnold, president of Nami Tentou Mushi, to talk about his experience attending the event as well as a special new project he’s working on. He talked to us about it first, but our slow episode turnaround time ensured we’re the last outlet you heard about it from!

Thanks to Christopher for joining us. Check out Nami Tentou Mushi to learn more about his projects!

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Episode 40: Mega May 2

The Mega Man series is known for its sequels, so it’s not at all surprising that Mega May gets one as well. Marc, Emrys, and Kevin are joined by guest host Jeremy Johnson from the Qoopa Klub podcast to talk about the Game Boy Advance games released for the second Mega May. Mega Man and his arch-rival Bass face off against King. Is Jeremy all about that Mega Man and Bass? Emrys traverses the internet in Mega Man Battle Network 3. Does he enjoy his time spent with MegaMan.EXE or would he rather execute the character? When Kevin puts his skills to the test in Mega Man Zero 2, does he prove to be a hero or a Zero? And is there any real difference in this particular game? To end the Mega Man retro extravaganza, Marc takes his turn in control of the NetNavi MegaMan.EXE in Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun. Stay tuned to find out if his experience was a bright ray of light or merely a giant ball of gas.

Thanks to Jeremy for joining us. Check out Qoopa Klub!



Episode 38: Cleveland SteamBirds

Marc throws down with Cow Dude in a Bar Brawl in Card Crawl on iOS. Emrys soars like a bird and fights like a dog in SteamBirds for Android. A spontaneous break in reviews takes place to talk about Nintendo’s decision to release games for mobile platforms. As always, Our Portable Past finishes out the episode with Kevin looking back to salad days and Green Greens in Kirby: Canvas Curse for Nintendo 3DS.