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PPP37 artwork

Episode 37: Sado-Mask-ochism.

After a challenging question of the week, Marc leads the charge with a conversation about the new 3DS. Pokemon Shuffle on the 3DS eShop is up for a brief critique after that. Did Nintendo set a new standard for the free-to-play puzzle genre or will it be lost in the shuffle? An in-depth discussion of the remastered N64 cult classic, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, follows. Are your heroes over the moon about the re-release? Emrys is seduced by the marketing campaign for Game of War featuring Kate Upton. But is its success due to a well-rounded game experience or an ample budget for advertising? Once the horrifying moon of Termina is but a memory, Marc travels back in Our Portable Past to talk about the GBA game Golden Sun.