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Episode 44: Your Guess Jeans Are As Good As Ours

This episode poses a question for the ages: one of your hosts is pantsless… but which one? Perhaps the answer lies within a close examination of our reviews. Kevin is reincarnated and covered in fur (but in anything else?) in The Deer God on iOS. Emrys weaves fine silk in Spider: Rite of the Shroud, but does he then use it to gird his loins? Marc reviews Star Wars: Uprising for iOS. As a non-Force user, is his lightsaber use at all inhibited? Or is it free to swing as he pleases? The answer to these questions is as definitive as the conclusion of Serial.

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Episode 34: The Pokémon Family Jewels

After your hosts share reminiscences of favorite RPG memories, Kevin begins reviews and finds Mimpi fetching. Marc bounces over boundless barrels in the Game Boy classic Donkey Kong. Then Emrys gives his take on the reworked third generation gems, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.


Episode 29: Count’s Choccy O-Rings

This episode features more games reviewed than you could drive a stake through the heart of. Kevin descends to combat the adorable armies of hell in Angel in Danger 3D for iOS. Marc pines for Titty Elf in Arcane Soul. Emrys brings about the more desirable of two outcome in Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies for 3DS. Kevin gets into gardening and arranges shrubs in Almightree: The Last Dreamer for iOS. After we launch Our Portable Past, Marc wades through the denizens of Dracula’s castle in the bite-sized Game Boy classic, Castlevania: The Adventure.

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Episode 19: Blowbama Mines Trozei for Tactics

Happy April Fool’s Day, and it’s no joke: The Portable Power Podcast is back with a jam-packed episode. Kevin plays matchmaker with Pokemon Battle Trozei for Nintendo 3DS. Emrys describes illicit encounters with Obama, a cow’s anus, and a hotdog in McPixel for Android. Marc chips away at the mysteries of the red planet in Mines of Mars for iOS. For Our Portable Past, your hosts get judgmental about the Game Boy Advance title Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and wrap things up with a slightly revised opinion of last month’s review for Bravely Default.