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Episode 49: The Stella After-Glow.

Portable Power brings to you a review of the 3DS tactics RPG Stella Glow. It’s the heartwarming story of a young boy and the four teenage witches he can’t choose between because why would you choose when you’re the chosen one? Also, boobs. Boobs everywhere. Even where the more closed-minded of you might believe boobs do not belong.


Episode 48: Michael J. Fox, M.D. – Back to the Suture

Corn Log, Stardate 2.1.16. Another episode of the Portable Power Podcast appears. Marc starts with a review of I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. Does he find the gameplay as torturous as the subject matter? Emrys discovers sometimes the treatment is worse than the affliction in Amateur Surgeon 3 for Android. Finally, Marc travels through time via worm hole (or corn hole?) to review Metroid Zero Mission, a port for the Wii U of the Gameboy Advance game that was itself an updated port of the NES classic Metroid. Is all of the updating and porting enough to rend a hole in the fabric of space and time? The answer (and a lot of gross burping noises) await you.


Episode 47: A New Outlook

Ask someone to hold your hair and gently rub your back as you listen to the first 2016 episode of the Portable Power Podcast. Your beloved hosts return with some mild format changes to make your podcast listening experience a more positive one as a whole. Emrys reviews Pokemon Picross, a freemium game for the Nintendo 3DS. Is it a worthwhile freemium game, or is it only for squares? Marc reviews Xenoblade Chronicles X. But wait, isn’t Xenoblade Chronicles X a Wii U game? Y would Portable Power Review that? Listen and you’ll Z. We wrap up the episode with Our Portable Past. Kevin reviews a more recent game: Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, although Shantae’s booty is more enchanting than it is a curse.


Episode 46: O’Doul! The Party Animal Returns

After recollections of Christmas gaming past, the reviews get underway. Marc tricks out his (3DS) home (menu) with (digital) bling in Nintendo Badge Arcade. Emrys hopes to avoid paying alimony to his 10 Billion Wives on Android. Kevin tries to force his way solo through levels in Triforce Heroes on 3DS. We finish the episode with Marc adopting the lifestyle of a kittenapper in Neko Atsume: Kitten Collector for iOS.

PPP45 artwork

Episode 45: Demo Beta Retro

Awaken, listeners! Awaken from your sugar-induced Halloween candy type 2 diabetes comas and revel in another episode of the Portable Power Podcast. Marc dabbles in Yokai voyeurism with the Yokai Watch demo. Marc and Kevin discuss fantasy-mandated benders and potential future interventions with stories about their experiences in the Drinking Quest iOS beta. Our Portable Past makes an adjective-less return with Balloon Kid for the Game Boy, where getting blown up isn’t always a bad thing and less heroin is involved than you might expect.

PPP44 art

Episode 44: Your Guess Jeans Are As Good As Ours

This episode poses a question for the ages: one of your hosts is pantsless… but which one? Perhaps the answer lies within a close examination of our reviews. Kevin is reincarnated and covered in fur (but in anything else?) in The Deer God on iOS. Emrys weaves fine silk in Spider: Rite of the Shroud, but does he then use it to gird his loins? Marc reviews Star Wars: Uprising for iOS. As a non-Force user, is his lightsaber use at all inhibited? Or is it free to swing as he pleases? The answer to these questions is as definitive as the conclusion of Serial.

PPP43 art

Episode 43: Vile bile would you rather

Following one of our grosser questions of the week, Kevin cuts kobolds and decks of cards in Loot & Legends on iPad. Emrys fights for survival against the encroaching radroaches in Fallout Shelter on Android. The episode wraps up when Marc cashes in some frequent time traveler miles and reviews Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies for Our Portable Past.