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PPP44 art

Episode 44: Your Guess Jeans Are As Good As Ours

This episode poses a question for the ages: one of your hosts is pantsless… but which one? Perhaps the answer lies within a close examination of our reviews. Kevin is reincarnated and covered in fur (but in anything else?) in The Deer God on iOS. Emrys weaves fine silk in Spider: Rite of the Shroud, but does he then use it to gird his loins? Marc reviews Star Wars: Uprising for iOS. As a non-Force user, is his lightsaber use at all inhibited? Or is it free to swing as he pleases? The answer to these questions is as definitive as the conclusion of Serial.


Episode 33: The Fantasy Life of Aunts Waking Your Warhammer.

Nieces and nephews the world over, gather ’round for another episode of the Portable Power Podcast! Emrys plants his seed in Waking Mars on Android devices. Marc puts his effort points into downloading Warhammer 40k: Space Wolf (and wishes it truly was only 40k) for iOS. To close out the episode, Marc and Kevin tell Emrys stories of their blissful lives in Reveria in Fantasy Life for 3DS. Make sure to listen all the way to the end of this episode!