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PPP49 art

Episode 49: The Stella After-Glow.

Portable Power brings to you a review of the 3DS tactics RPG Stella Glow. It’s the heartwarming story of a young boy and the four teenage witches he can’t choose between because why would you choose when you’re the chosen one? Also, boobs. Boobs everywhere. Even where the more closed-minded of you might believe boobs do not belong.


Episode 28: That is one Crazy Taxi

Rejoice, O Internet, as a bonus episode of the Portable Power Podcast arrives to enrich your life, much like the enriched flours you should avoid in your diet.  Marc transports passengers in a timely manner for a fair fare in Crazy Taxi City Rush. Emrys gives his best impression of a sociopathic warlord in Free Civ for Android. Kevin wanders the halls of Naxxramas with nothing but a deck of cards and the truth on his side in the Hearthstone expansion Curse of Naxxramas. All this while the beer flows freely and your heroes become progressively less coherent.