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PPP49 art

Episode 49: The Stella After-Glow.

Portable Power brings to you a review of the 3DS tactics RPG Stella Glow. It’s the heartwarming story of a young boy and the four teenage witches he can’t choose between because why would you choose when you’re the chosen one? Also, boobs. Boobs everywhere. Even where the more closed-minded of you might believe boobs do not belong.


Episode 46: O’Doul! The Party Animal Returns

After recollections of Christmas gaming past, the reviews get underway. Marc tricks out his (3DS) home (menu) with (digital) bling in Nintendo Badge Arcade. Emrys hopes to avoid paying alimony to his 10 Billion Wives on Android. Kevin tries to force his way solo through levels in Triforce Heroes on 3DS. We finish the episode with Marc adopting the lifestyle of a kittenapper in Neko Atsume: Kitten Collector for iOS.

PPP45 artwork

Episode 45: Demo Beta Retro

Awaken, listeners! Awaken from your sugar-induced Halloween candy type 2 diabetes comas and revel in another episode of the Portable Power Podcast. Marc dabbles in Yokai voyeurism with the Yokai Watch demo. Marc and Kevin discuss fantasy-mandated benders and potential future interventions with stories about their experiences in the Drinking Quest iOS beta. Our Portable Past makes an adjective-less return with Balloon Kid for the Game Boy, where getting blown up isn’t always a bad thing and less heroin is involved than you might expect.

PPP39 artwork

Episode 39: Microtransactions, what our partners call sex with us

Just like every good birthday party for a two year-old, your hosts break out the high octane beers and make sure candles aren’t the only things getting lit. It’s a Free-to-Play game review extravaganza! Toasts are made alongside the grim patrons in Blizzard’s latest adventure, Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain. Kevin leads a discussion of fine gaming reminiscences inspired by Final Fantasy Record Keeper for iOS. Emrys gets wound up while playing Pokemon Rumble World. High BAC blood flies everywhere as Marc reviews Mortal Kombat X for iOS. Our Portable Past finishes out the episode, and it’s a big one: the antagonist Wario’s first appearance from the 1992 Game Boy classic, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.


Episode 36: “E” for Explicit… and Effort. But Mostly Just Explicit.

Warning! This is not a drill! The Portable Power Podcast earns its explicit rating in this episode. Marc tracks down feral beasts in the Monster Hunter 4 demo on 3DS. Emrys harvests precious ores to build shelter against things that go bump in the night in Terraria. In Our Portable Past, Kevin squeezes every bit of fun out of the underrated Game Boy Advance game Drill Dozer. Also, stick around until the end of the episode to take our “Are You a Sociopath?” test. Our diagnosis is based on no relevant medical information, but you should still respect it as you would a mental health professional’s.

PPP 31 artwork

Episode 31 :The Portable Power Podcast Gets Smashed!

Much like the fans it services with Booty Shorts Zero Suit Samus, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is now released! But how does a frantic, attention deficit disorder-rich experience like Super Smash Bros translate to a portable device for the first time? By now you know you can rely on Emrys, Marc, and Kevin to give you a comprehensive, though somewhat nonconventional and mildly inebriated, review of this highly anticipated title.


Episode 30: Trauma Centers, Breast Augmentation, and 5318008

This episode, Emrys kicks off the review train and solves the world’s (math) problems in Calculords for Android. Marc behaves poorly and takes a trip to bullet hell in Gemini Strike for iOS. Lightning may be unable to strike twice, but Mighty Gunvolt and Azure Striker Gunvolt both strike Kevin out of the blue. Finally, Emrys finishes out the episode with fond reminiscences of medical malpractice in Trauma Center: Under the Knife.