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Episode 48: Michael J. Fox, M.D. – Back to the Suture

Corn Log, Stardate 2.1.16. Another episode of the Portable Power Podcast appears. Marc starts with a review of I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. Does he find the gameplay as torturous as the subject matter? Emrys discovers sometimes the treatment is worse than the affliction in Amateur Surgeon 3 for Android. Finally, Marc travels through time via worm hole (or corn hole?) to review Metroid Zero Mission, a port for the Wii U of the Gameboy Advance game that was itself an updated port of the NES classic Metroid. Is all of the updating and porting enough to rend a hole in the fabric of space and time? The answer (and a lot of gross burping noises) await you.

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Episode 14: Josh Presseisen

The Portable Power Podcast welcomes in the new year with a special guest: Josh Presseisen, founder of Crescent Moon Games. Crescent Moon is a developer and publisher of games such as Pocket RPG, Rimelands, Paper Monsters, Ravensword, Space Chicks, MIMPI, and Optical Inquisitor. Josh shares about the origin of Crescent Moon, game creation, publishing, collaboration, and his love of Metroidvania style games.