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PPP39 artwork

Episode 39: Microtransactions, what our partners call sex with us

Just like every good birthday party for a two year-old, your hosts break out the high octane beers and make sure candles aren’t the only things getting lit. It’s a Free-to-Play game review extravaganza! Toasts are made alongside the grim patrons in Blizzard’s latest adventure, Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain. Kevin leads a discussion of fine gaming reminiscences inspired by Final Fantasy Record Keeper for iOS. Emrys gets wound up while playing Pokemon Rumble World. High BAC blood flies everywhere as Marc reviews Mortal Kombat X for iOS. Our Portable Past finishes out the episode, and it’s a big one: the antagonist Wario’s first appearance from the 1992 Game Boy classic, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.


Episode 28: That is one Crazy Taxi

Rejoice, O Internet, as a bonus episode of the Portable Power Podcast arrives to enrich your life, much like the enriched flours you should avoid in your diet.  Marc transports passengers in a timely manner for a fair fare in Crazy Taxi City Rush. Emrys gives his best impression of a sociopathic warlord in Free Civ for Android. Kevin wanders the halls of Naxxramas with nothing but a deck of cards and the truth on his side in the Hearthstone expansion Curse of Naxxramas. All this while the beer flows freely and your heroes become progressively less coherent.