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Episode 45: Demo Beta Retro

Awaken, listeners! Awaken from your sugar-induced Halloween candy type 2 diabetes comas and revel in another episode of the Portable Power Podcast. Marc dabbles in Yokai voyeurism with the Yokai Watch demo. Marc and Kevin discuss fantasy-mandated benders and potential future interventions with stories about their experiences in the Drinking Quest iOS beta. Our Portable Past makes an adjective-less return with Balloon Kid for the Game Boy, where getting blown up isn’t always a bad thing and less heroin is involved than you might expect.

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Episode 34: The Pokémon Family Jewels

After your hosts share reminiscences of favorite RPG memories, Kevin begins reviews and finds Mimpi fetching. Marc bounces over boundless barrels in the Game Boy classic Donkey Kong. Then Emrys gives his take on the reworked third generation gems, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.


Episode 29: Count’s Choccy O-Rings

This episode features more games reviewed than you could drive a stake through the heart of. Kevin descends to combat the adorable armies of hell in Angel in Danger 3D for iOS. Marc pines for Titty Elf in Arcane Soul. Emrys brings about the more desirable of two outcome in Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies for 3DS. Kevin gets into gardening and arranges shrubs in Almightree: The Last Dreamer for iOS. After we launch Our Portable Past, Marc wades through the denizens of Dracula’s castle in the bite-sized Game Boy classic, Castlevania: The Adventure.


Episode 27: Relic Lords of a City of Negativity

Welcome to the episode you’ve all been waiting for. Maybe it’s the heat and ball-sweat of the dog days of summer, or perhaps it’s the quality of the games they reviewed for this episode, but the curmudgeonly tendencies of your hosts are out in full force this episode. After delivering Marc a special message, Kevin races through ruins in Relic Rush on iOS. Emrys simulates citizens and cites stains in City Island for Android. Next, Marc is bade to review Blade Lords for iOS. Just as your heroes are about to give in to despair, the heroes in a halfshell make their appearance in the Game Boy game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan and all is made right in the world once more.

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Episode 25: Fables, Myths, and Chronicles. And Pings.

Kevin tackles the fable that The Wolf Among Us is a good game. Emrys reviews the retro love fest, Ping 1.5+. Marc takes a small step in episode one of Moon Chronicles, but will he take a giant leap and continue on to episode 2? For Our Portable Past, Kevin ascends into the heavenly realms in Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters for Game Boy, but his achilles heel, hubris, brings him plummeting back to the mortal realms.

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Episode 23: Mega May Vajayjay

This episode, the Portable Power Podcast joins the Mega May celebration with in-depth reviews of Mega Man’s portable adventures. Kevin and Marc travel to the year 20XX and send rebuilt robot masters to the scrap heap in Mega Man II-IV. In Mega Man V, Kevin battles the menace of the Star Droids, a threat so dire that Dr. Wily totally isn’t behind it all (yes, he is). Once the blue bomber’s adventures on the green screen are wrapped up, Emrys wall jumps through a dystopian future and gives a live review of his battle with the Mavericks in Mega Man Xtreme for Game Boy Color. All this and a debate for the ages: does Mystique, of X-Men fame, have a vagina? Our answers may surprise you!


Episode 17: Breakfast Time with PPP

The Portable Power Podcast returns for a bonus February episode. First, Emrys delivers his review of Heroes of Order and Chaos, the mobile MOBA for Android. Marc roleplays roleplayers and polishes off goblins as well as bags of chips in Knights of Pen and Paper on iOS. Kevin shares a tragic personal story, then assigns a mark to Glyph Quest for iOS. Marc finishes the episode by taking a trip down memory lane and reviewing the Game Boy version of the classic puzzler Qix for Our Portable Past.