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Episode 19: Blowbama Mines Trozei for Tactics

Happy April Fool’s Day, and it’s no joke: The Portable Power Podcast is back with a jam-packed episode. Kevin plays matchmaker with Pokemon Battle Trozei for Nintendo 3DS. Emrys describes illicit encounters with Obama, a cow’s anus, and a hotdog in McPixel for Android. Marc chips away at the mysteries of the red planet in Mines of Mars for iOS. For Our Portable Past, your hosts get judgmental about the Game Boy Advance title Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and wrap things up with a slightly revised opinion of last month’s review for Bravely Default.

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Episode 18: Default to Maniacal Laughter

In this episode, the guys focus exclusively on portable role playing games. Kevin courageously takes on multiple jobs to restore the light to the crystals and avoid Bravely Defaulting while Marc crafts epic armanents for legendary heroes with Weapon Shop de Omasse. Emrys then leads a discussion of the newly re-released Final Fantasy 6 port for Android and compares the original version with the newest remake before SNEStalgia overtakes them and they discuss favorite moments from the classic, the lovely soundtrack, and, of course, the most notorious video game villain ever, Kefka.

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Episode 15: Existentialism, Outer Space, and Pink Blobs

With lots of games to cover this episode and no time to waste, Kevin gets classy with the Bravely Default demo. By listener request, Marc reviews Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which leads to an argument about the Monster Hunter series as a whole: is Monster Hunter a hardcore experience or frustrating tedium? Kevin searches for love in deep space with the game Space Chicks for iOS while in another part of the galaxy, Emrys becomes deeply involved in interstellar commerce with Space Traders on Android. To wrap up current reviews, Marc waxes philosophic in Continue?9876543210 for iOS and Kevin returns from space to lead an Our Portable Past covering Kirby’s Dream Land for the Game Boy.