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Episode 11: The Great Emulation Debate

Per listener request, the PPP guys debate the pros and
cons of emulation on mobile platforms and beyond. As an added bonus, Kevin
reviews Mega Man X for iOS.

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Episode 9: Christopher Arnold

For our first interview ever, we talk to Christopher Arnold, lead programmer for Nami Tentou Mushi, about his Ping series, video game development in general, and, of course, poop.

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Episode 2: Return of Mario’s Pinball Dungeon

With significantly less alcohol in their systems, the guys delve into a broad variety of game genres with Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move for 3DS, Pinball Arcade on Android, and Dungeon Hunter 4 on iOS. Later, Marc extols the virtues of Samus Aran’s sophomore outing on the Gameboy and a discussion arises about games so good that even console elitists would find it hard not to love them.


Episode 1: The Injustice of Luigi’s Tamagotchi Awakening

In our first episode, Kevin sucks at Luigi’s Mansion for 3DS, Emrys manages feces with Tamagotchi LIFE for Android devices, and Marc battles through one of the 52 multiverses in Injustice for iOS. Later, Link’s Awakening becomes the focus of much beer weeping and Emrys shares tips on using Pokémon to get girls.