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Episode 24: Stick E3 In Your Pocket

It’s that magical time of year once again, when our fuel tanks are refilled with pure liquid hope before being dashed upon the rocks of hardware limitations and rushed schedules. That’s right, welcome to the Portable Power Podcast’s coverage of E3 2014. Marc, Emrys, and Kevin are joined by Tyler Ohlew of Stick It In Your Pocket, a fantastic blog that focuses on 3DS and Vita, to talk about the news of E3 as it relates to portable consoles, as well as a little bit about Tyler himself.

Find more of Tyler:

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Episode 23: Mega May Vajayjay

This episode, the Portable Power Podcast joins the Mega May celebration with in-depth reviews of Mega Man’s portable adventures. Kevin and Marc travel to the year 20XX and send rebuilt robot masters to the scrap heap in Mega Man II-IV. In Mega Man V, Kevin battles the menace of the Star Droids, a threat so dire that Dr. Wily totally isn’t behind it all (yes, he is). Once the blue bomber’s adventures on the green screen are wrapped up, Emrys wall jumps through a dystopian future and gives a live review of his battle with the Mavericks in Mega Man Xtreme for Game Boy Color. All this and a debate for the ages: does Mystique, of X-Men fame, have a vagina? Our answers may surprise you!